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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Pharaoh's Secret 

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Adventure, Danger, Mystery, Magic (no, this isn't horror . . .)

Mummies, magic, mysterious occurring; oh my! Marissa Moss spins a tale about 2 children and their archaeologist dad who go to Egypt expecting a great visit.What the oldest child finds is much more. An ancient pharaoh is trying to tell her that someone is trying to erase every record that she existed; which would destroy her and her spirit forever. The main character, Talibah, is already in a pickle of her own, though, and in no mood to help. Her mother just died and she's in no condition to take care of the whole family, much less this. But, soon, the two siblings find that they don't have a choice; the forces of evil are coming after them, and if they don't send the spirit back to rest and destroy the bad one, the two may become ancient history themselves. In an effort to find out how who is behind it and what they what the two siblings discover; magic is real, archaeology can be something other than boring, their father is braver than they thought, not all tombs are creepy, some people the spirits of people from over 500 years ago are awaking-the good and the evil-, and that they are closer to their mother than they ever imagined.
I recommend this book. It reminds me a little of the Kane Chronicles by Rick Rordan (and speaking of him  . . .) because it also is a modern twist on Egyptian mythology. It's a good read and is appropriate for all grade levels. This book packs a punch- read it if you can!

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