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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sorry . . .

I'm so sorry if you see any differences in the shading of my text. Some of the stories and such didn't want to copy right and this was the result. I will try to fix it in any of my newer pieces but there's nothing I can do about the other stuff that's already been posted. Sorry about any inconveniences . . .

A Modern Twist on an Old Tale . . .

This is a modernized version of an old tale that my friend and I wrote. We made it in half an hour, so I'd like to say that we did pretty good on it, considering everything. I hope you like it!

The Fisherman and his wife

Once upon a time there was a young boy who went out to the country to visit his grandparents over summer. He always found it interesting to do what they did every week; catch fireflies, play with their dogs, read the old scriptures written years ago by his ancestors, and run amuck in the hills, sometimes collecting berries. But his favorite activity was to go fishing with his grandfather at the lake. He spent 57 days there- which would be his last summer there until he was 28.
  He had gotten married, started a business, moved to the city, and had a son and an older daughter. He thought he had everything he wanted- until he went back to his grandparents’ place. His wife was safe inside (with her baby boy in her lap and her 5 year old girl asking when Christopher would wake up) when he decided he wanted to go fishing like he used to. So, he picked up a rod, hiked down to the lake, and sat down at the tip of the pier. He almost instantly got a fish on the other end. He yanked with all his might and saw a shimmery silver fish with glistening scales. “Are you okay, lad? You look a little pale; almost clammy! Do you get it? Clammy? You know, because I’m a fish . . . oh, never mind.” said the fish, grinning widely,”Okay, I’m sorry, it’s just been 117 long years since someone picked me up out of the pond. In return for sparing my life, I am forever in debt, blah, blah, blah . . . and I get to grant your deepest desires, your wishes! So, what’s your first?”
  The man had very obviously never met a talking fish before, and was fascinated with it. He said to it, just to see if the fish really could grant wishes,” I wish to be a billionaire?” The fish merely pointed behind him and gestured to a huge stack of money laying across the pier. “It’s yours, you know.” whispered the fish. The man then wished for everything he could think of; cars, tvs, phones, yachts, fancy mansions, and anything and everything else. Finally he ended his wishing spree by saying,”I wish to have all the gold and silver on Earth!” Something different happened this time, though.The the fish smirked and disappeared, saying,”Your choice.” Instantly, a tornado appeared, swirling around and stealing all his gifts from the fish. The man fell to his knees, starting to get sucked into the vortex.
  He got swept into unconsciousness, and, the next day, he woke up to acute hearing and razor-sharp hearing. He was now a fox, and a big one at that. He suddenly heard the fishes’ voice in his ears,”You are now no more than a disgusting piece of vermin, a fox. Forget about your wife and children. Forget about the fancy company and city views you have back home in New York. You’re now trapped in this body until someone speaks your true name without the greed of fulfilling a wish.” That night, the fox yelped in self pity, regretting with all his might that he had made so many wishes.
  The man wandered the streets, trapped in the body of a mere fox, growing more and more savage like one with each passing day. It had been 15 long years and he still thought of all the things he used to have but gave up for a bunch of useless desires and trinkets. His grief laid down on him like a metal blanket, hard and merciless.
 Though, fate smiled down on the father, sending a savior. His son went back to the house by the lake one fall, wondering how his father had went missing here. Why this serene, calm setting? What danger laid right beyond the blooming hills? The thought sent a rush of adrenaline up his spine. He called out into the night,”Dad! Where are you?” Something came out of the night; a red-pleated fox. The boy sighed. What a disappointment. Then anger arose. His dad should have been there for his family. “You’re not my dad!” he yelled,”You’re not Jake Winters! You’re just a stupid fox!”
 In that moment, that ‘stupid fox’, did in fact, become Jake himself. He smiled, recognizing his son at once. He sobbed as his son Christopher held him. He was finally reunited with his family, and he hoped to never leave again.
How to Steal a Dog

* * */ Three Stars

Genre: Adventure, Intellect, Suspense, Drama (a few funny scenes . . .)

In this simple yet gripping book by Barbara O'Connor, a family is in real trouble. As in, home trouble. And money trouble. And, well, all kinds of other trouble; even sleeping-in-our-car-'cause-we-lost-our-place trouble. So, when Georgina and her little brother find a poster for a missing dog, they're surprised; the reward is $500! The two devise a plan; find a rich person, steal their dog, wait until they put up posters, and then return the dog to gain the expensive reward. Simple, right? They just didn't expect the chain of events that happened afterwards . . .
In this book, the story comes to life as you slip into Georgina's shoes. You are always asking yourself,'What will happen next?' I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good, quick read (By the way, I gave this a three stars because I thought it was too quick for my liking; I like slow, more-developed books, but everyone's different, right?).

Ruby Red

* * * * */ Five Star (it was AMAZING . . .)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Humor, Danger, Suspense, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance (a little bit)

In this enchanting book by Kerstin Gier, a teenager named Gwendolyn Shepard is thrust into a world that's seemingly unimaginable. Every couple generations, a boy and a girl from each family (there are two gene-families) is born with a special time-traveling gene. There is only one carrier left to find, though, and everyone thinks that it's her snooty cousin, Charlotte. But, on the day of Charlotte's birthday, nothing happens. Something has happened to Gwendolyn, though. She is ripped through time and space when she leaves her house. She, in fact, is the special last carrier, the 'ruby'. There is a special prophecy about the ruby; that she will die an icy death. This all brings up many questions for Gwen. Will she be prepared for what happened next because Charlotte was trained instead of her? Will she ever find out what the 'Count' is planning (the founder of this secret time-travel organization)? Will Gwendolyn ever find out the truth behind this mysterious prophecy? Will she ever find where she belongs?
Jump into the world of this amazing and bedazzling novel, and you won't be sorry!

(and, yes, I put down both covers . . .)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

An interesting new poem . . .

I found this poem online and really fell in love with it. It reminds me of Christmas, my favorite holiday. I hope everyone else enjoys it, too!

Cold Santa's Cold Santa

quickly i have never waiting, softly beyond
any hot-chocolate, your chimney have their chilling:
in your most fun season are things which smiling me,
or which i cannot clutching because they are too frostily

you look spectacular (amazingly) and your smile will unwrite me
though i have myself have been drawing Jesus,
you sharing always stars by stars myself as Christmas carols caring with her
(pranking swiftly, silently) while sitting and watching her wonderful movies

or if your snow be to loving me, i and
my ornaments will wrapping very frivolously , anxiously ,
as when the Christmas tree of this hot-chocolate failing
the candy-canes sweetly everywhere running;

nothing which we are to decorating in this Christmas presents watching
the holly and mistletoe of your frosty stocking: whose cinnamon
hoping me with the fireplace of its family,
gifting cookies and decorations with each laughing person

(i do not snowing what it is about you that dumping
and cheering; only something in me drinking
the lights of your chimney is more beautiful than all Christmas carols)
snowmen, not even the reindeer, have such delicate warm clothing as you, my friend
my one and only understander

Well, I don't understand half of it, but I guess that means it's good, right? Anyways, just a reminder, I will be posting other things like this, such as requested pieces, poems, short-stories, some creations of my friends, ect, ect. I won't say any more about what I will post (but it will involve another video, soon). Enjoy the cool (yet confusing) poem! 

Into the Wild

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Danger, Suspense (lots of 'twoleg' humor)

In this remarkable book by Erin Hunter, you are invited into the world of the 'wild' cats. In this novel, the cat Rusty longs for a different life, one filled with adventure, instead of one as a 'kittypet', or house cat. It comes to him when he jumps over his fence for a walk in the woods and meets an apprentice named Graypaw. Graypaw trains to become a warrior of Thunderclan, where he will protect his clanmates(family), fight battles against enemy clans, and eventually have a mate and kits of his own. Rusty, intrigued by  clan life, decides to join and become a warrior as well. His life will now change forever as he encounters; hard training, weird houses, strange healers, interesting solutions, new rules, fierce fights, unexpected friends, and a desire to make his new clan proud of him, even though he was a lowly house cat. But, even though he feels he can prove his worth, will his new 'family' ever really accept him?
In this astonishing book, you'll find yourself being pulled in to this compelling story. I recommend this book to anyone searching for a good read.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Cabinet of Earths

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Danger, Action, Suspense (a little humor mixed in here and there)

In this enchanting book by Anne Nesbet, Maya and her family move to Paris, and her life changes drastically. She finds that, walking down the street, she feels like she is being followed. Also, she keeps noticing that strange salamander door handles keep popping up in the oddest of places. Then, she finds that her 'aunt' Louise is so unnoticeable, you barely see or pay attention to her at all. In all the weird things that have happened, there's still much more to come for Maya, including; meeting her 'long lost relative' Henry, uncovering interesting plot, a way to steal all the charm, swede, and grace from children, a cool party, a new friend, magical places, interesting conclusions, and, most interesting and amazing of all, a cabinet that literally holds your humanity and mortality in jars, making you immortal. Can Maya juggle all these things while still remembering who she is and that she herself has a choice?
This is a GREAT book that made me roaring for more. I loved it and I know that everyone who reads it will, too!

The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid 

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Danger, Suspense, Myth, Humor (some romance; but not much, don't get excited)

Rick Rordan has done it again; he has created a block-buster novel that's sweeping the world. In this fresh take on Egypt mythology, two siblings named Sadie and Carter are thrust into the magical world of myths when they see their father swallowed up by the powerful gods trapped in the Rosetta Stone. The ancient '5' brothers that ruled the world as gods have been released from their prisons and are taking the modern world by storm. It's up to the siblings to find out how to develop their 'powers', watch their cat (who's secretly possessed by a god) kick monster butt, make new friends with an uncle they forgot they had, discover a secret underground fortress, and make the ultimate decision; will they chose to save the world, or their missing father?
In this breathtaking fast-passed book, pages will fly by faster than you know. This is an outstanding book that's one of my favorites. Read it and it will be one of yours, too.


* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Danger, Futuristic (some dry, developed humor)

Anna Jarzab is a new author that I feel should have started writing years ago. She's amazing and her book really invites you in. Anyways, this is a story about a girl named Sasha. She's at a bookshop when her old crush, Grant walks in and begins talking to her, and he's only about the cutest boy in town! She's a little confused at first, though; he's never taken an interest in her before. But whatever. He's just trying to meet new people, right? So, when he asks her out to the dance at school, she's amazed but excited. She going with Grant! At the dance, they walk outside to the beach right before she goes home for a relaxing stroll when he shoves a clunky metal bracelet around her wrist and shoves her through the Tandem (an interdemesional  web of worlds). She and Grant, or should I say 'Thomas', are in a world called Aurora, a world like Earth, only completely different. The 'United States' is divided into different regions, each ruled by a different set of kings of queens. Juliana, the princess of one region, disappeared and Sasha is her counterpart from another world. Sasha must now pretend to be princess Juliana to prevent war across this to-be America. Still, Sasha wonders. What is the real reason she was pulled into Aurora? Does Thomas like her? Was Juliana really kidnapped? And will she ever go home again?
In this story, the plot came alive, the words tumbled off the pages, and the heart was swayed. If you want a good book to curl up with, this is it. I recommend to everyone to read 'Tandem'. You won't be sorry!

The Name of this Book is Secret

* * * */ Four Stars (almost five . . . almost . . .)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Danger, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Humor (TONS of it)

In this wildly amusing book by 'Pseudonymous Bosch' (funny, right?), normal is a thing of the past for characters Max-Ernest and Cassandra when they find a kit called, 'The Sensory of Smells'. After that, many things transpire; they are invited to join a secret society that works to bring down 'The Midnight Sun', they explore an abandoned house, riddles are solved, questions arise, doubts outbreak, secrets are revealed, the keys to immortality are explored, and so much more. Filled with magic, daring, and cunning, this book is one that will enslave the mind ans thrill even the pickiest readers.
This is an excellent book that had me up all night reading. I recommend it to anyone looking for their next favorites.

A Tangle of Knots

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Adventure, Action, Danger, Fantasy, Intellect

In this book by Lisa Graff, talented people are everywhere. Literally. Almost everyone in the world is born with an amazing talent. For example, one person can whistle perfectly while another can sing like an angel. Only a few are born without a special ability. Cady is an eleven-year-old 'orphan' who has an amazing talent for baking (mainly cakes and other goodies) but has never been adopted. Well, she has been (several times), but it never seems to work out. At an adoption fair, she meets a man named Toby who takes her home and starts a chain of events that will change her life forever. Because of this she will encounter a luggage emporium, a mysterious peanut-butter recipe, a family that is searching for their talents, an exciting baking contest, a shady man who steals people's talents, and the truth about her knotted past.
This book was a real 'treat' (hah hah). I loved every minute of it and I hope that you do, too. Everyone should own this outlandish, mystical, and magical book.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Mysterious Benedict Society

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Danger, Intellect (some humor . . .)

This book by Trenton Lee Stewart is amazing. I couldn't put it down! In this book, nothing will ever be the same for the 4 characters who come together under the care of Mr.Benedict. The 4 children with unique abilities and interesting pasts are gathered together through a series of tests to form . . . the Mysterious Benedict Society! The four must come together as one and work as a team to; infiltrate a secret spy organization run by Mr.Benedict's evil twin, break into a secret underground vault, surpass a maze filled with interlocking, copied doors, solve riddles, vanquish evil, and, most importantly, learn to trust one another and themselves. It will take all they've got to stop the evil twin from brainwashing the nation. Does the team have what it takes to stop him?
Anyways, I don't know what you think, but I think that this book had what it takes to be a best-seller. If you haven't read it before, now's a good time to start. READ IT!

Malcolm Mitchell joins a Book Club

This is a really cool story I want to share about Malcolm Mitchell by the Georgia Bulldogs website that really celebrates the idea of who society thinks you are and who you actually are away from the cameras (also, it's about books!). This is a really inspiring story and I hope you enjoy it!

***Note: if it doesn't work when you click the link, copy it into a blank goggle page, enter it, and watch away.


* * */ Three Stars

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Danger (it has a couple creepy parts, though . . .)

Meg Cabot put together quite the interesting book. If you are looking for a quick read with edge, a little spine tingling, and some romance with twists, this is the book for you. Jinx is a good book(though I am not big on creepy, so I lowered this rating down by a star) about a girl named Jean whom bad things always happen to (thus forth, the nickname 'Jinx'). She had been told by her great grandmother that each time, once each 2nd or 3rd generation, a girl with enormous magical ability would be born. Jinx has never believed the tale, but when she goes to visit her younger cousin Tory and her family, she finds that sweet, innocent Tory that used to have fuzzy blonde hair is now wearing black clothes and make-up, smoking and drinking, and hangs out with the bad crowd. Worst of all, she thinks the story is true, and that Jinx has the 'powers' that were foretold to occur. Jinx isn't so sure. She actually thinks that Tory is off her rocker. Obviously, Tory doesn't agree with that. Instead, she's mad and vengeful that she wouldn't believe her or accept it. Jinx now juggles Tory's madness and terrible pranks, her new crush (who just may like her back), her new surroundings, peer pressure, and so much more. Can Jinx ever learn to embrace her hidden powers and confront her life, or will turning her back on it result in her worst luck yet?
This story is captivating and intriguing. I trust that any teen who wants some low chills and lots of thrills will love this fast-passed book.


* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Danger

In the book Magyk by Angie Sage, nothing is as it seems. When the boy Septimus Heap is lost in a hospital mix-up as a boy, his family was devastated. Then, they found a little girl the same age as their lost son and took her in. They didn't realize that the queen of the land had just died, and that her daughter, the princess, was the child they had just taken in. In a world filled with magic, Septimus was to become one of the most powerful people that ever lived; he was the seventh son of a seventh son. Anyways, Septimus was raised to fight (he became enrolled in a version of our 'army') and trained hard with a bunch of other homeless boys. Soon, on an ill-fated mission, he will discover his real origins and break free from the terrible and uncontrollable destiny that lays in wake of him. Only when the Heaps, Jenny the missing princess, and Septimus's lives intertwine to prevent the greatest evil ever known do things ever start to resolve themselves, loose ends tie up, secrets are unearthed, and the family destroyed get reunited.
This is an amazing read that is truly inspiring and outlandish. I think that this is one book everyone should own.


* * * */ Four Stars (almost five . . . but not quite)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Action, Futuristic, Romance (some humor . . . not much, though)

This was a great book that really made me think about the world we know. Ally Condie has really impressed me with this book. She has captured the essence of it perfectly. Cassia, a girl that is perfectly content in her 'perfect' society is in for the surprise of her life. At between 16 or 17, every teenager is run through the system and 'matched' to the person they would fare best with. When Cassia goes to her ceremony with the rest of the teenagers in her town, they declare that she will be marrying her best friend who lives next door; Xander. At first, she is thrilled. Both of them are. But then, as she pulls out her assigned ballet card, wanting to see Xander's face, she instead sees her classmate Ky on the card. She is puzzled at first, but then as the card changes back to Xander's face, she decides to ignore it and ask an official about it in the morning. Instead, they pull her aside and explain that Ky's face was the result of a technical difficulty. And, although this is reassuring, Cassia begins to wonder; is she supposed to be with Xander, or is Ky the one she is meant to love?
In this novel, I was astounded and compelled by the gripping story-line. If you are a romance(with a tint of adventure and cunning mixed in there) addict, than this is the book for you!

The Book of Story Beginnings

* * * * */ Five Stars (way up!)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Danger, Suspense (this book is NOT horror . . .)

Kristin Kladstrup has devised a way to engage the reader and capture your attention; that alone seemed magical when I read this book! But that isn't even the beginning of this book's supply of the mysterious and magical. This well-written book starts with a young boy in Iowa's story. He finds a book with no words in it called "The Book of Story Beginnings". So, naturally, he writes three beginnings for some stories he has in mind. They all come to life the next night, and he disappears with them, the book still left discarded at his house until someone else comes to finish what he started. And, someone does; his great-niece finds the book and writes her own special story beginning in it; this makes her father turn into a bird, her great uncle reappear (he's still the exact same age), a mysterious island ruled by the king of cats and the queen of birds jump out of the book, a ship filled with 9 orphans is encountered, and so much more.
Come read this book and experience the mystical, magical, wonderful, world of the Book of Story Beginnings!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Of Giants and Ice

* * * * */ Five Stars!!!!

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Danger, Fantasy (a tiny bit of widespread humor . . .)

This is a newly-found favorite of mine that I have already fallen in love with. Author Shelby Bach is a genius; I wonder why I haven't heard of her before! This book is about a girl in middle school who is the daughter of a famous movie star and a director. She isn't comfortable with the fact that she has to live in the shadow of her parents' fame and never had any friends who were her friends because they actually liked her; the all just wanted to meet her famous parents. This all changes when she is recommended by her teachers to go to the EAS after-school program. She expects to be going to a boring day-care system; instead she and her class step through a portal and find that they have to battle a fire-breathing dragon. Rory soon finds that EAS is a school for 'characters', or people who are training to go on a tale or quest (to become a fairy tale character). Rory is loving EAS; she finally has made a real friend, has a cool sword, and is having fun without her parents' fame in the way. But will she continue to shine in her new role as the worst evil the EAS world has ever known arises?
I can't say it any better than this; READ IT! You won't regret it, and this book is good for all ages, so it's totally appropriate. It's a great book, so get it before it's gone!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Myth, Mystery, Humor

Percy Jackson. Awesome. Need I say more? Anyways, this book is one of my personal favorites. Written by best-selling author Rick Rordan, this page-turner is filled to the brim with excitement! When Percy Jackson, a 'troubled' middle school kid who is tossed around from school to school, is taken on a tour of a museum, everything changes in his life. He finds out that all the Greek myths of olden days are true, which explains a lot; his ADHD, his inability to read English properly, and the reason why he can see things he shouldn't. He is taken to Camp Half Blood, a training camp for 'people like him' where he finds out that he is a demigod(the product of a god/goddess and a mortal; his father is Poseidon), some of the Greek gods are after him, asking for a 'lightning bolt' that they think he stole, his best friend from school is his 'protector' and has goat legs, monsters are real, and that he will do whatever it takes to protect his friends and family from anything thrown his way.
This is an AWESOME book (or at least I think so) and this just goes to show that Rick Rordan is a master at writing. I am inspired by this book and Rordan's ability to hold the reader's attention. I think that everyone should read this amazing novel!

Almost Home

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Drama, Realistic Fiction, Adventure, Humor (this made me want to cry and laugh at the same time!)

The book Almost Home by Joan Bauer is one of those cleverly made, feel-good books that really makes you think. It's a good read but is kind-of paced, so a person who flies through books may not enjoy it as much (sorry . . .). Forgive me, but I just have to say this: As soon as I finished the first chapter, I realized that I was already in love with her spunk and humorous actions (the funniest part of which being that she doesn't know she's funny). Anyways, moving on, the book is about a girl named Sugar who has some tough spots in her life.  Her life is pretty bad. Her mother is in love with her father who is a drug and drink addict and a gambler. She sometimes has to sleep in her car. Also, Sugar has her grandfather 'King Cole' die, her house get taken by the bank (thanks to the fact that her father, whom she calls 'Mr.Leland' instead of dad, gambled away all of the families' money), and has to move to a homeless shelter in Chicago. Although the world seems rough for her, Sugar is determined to turn it around and provide a better life for herself, her mother, and her new puppy, Shush.
This book is a great one that seems like it should have been a classic. Chock-full of suspense, drama, laughs, and so many more surprises, this novel is one I couldn't put down.

The Pharaoh's Secret 

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Adventure, Danger, Mystery, Magic (no, this isn't horror . . .)

Mummies, magic, mysterious occurring; oh my! Marissa Moss spins a tale about 2 children and their archaeologist dad who go to Egypt expecting a great visit.What the oldest child finds is much more. An ancient pharaoh is trying to tell her that someone is trying to erase every record that she existed; which would destroy her and her spirit forever. The main character, Talibah, is already in a pickle of her own, though, and in no mood to help. Her mother just died and she's in no condition to take care of the whole family, much less this. But, soon, the two siblings find that they don't have a choice; the forces of evil are coming after them, and if they don't send the spirit back to rest and destroy the bad one, the two may become ancient history themselves. In an effort to find out how who is behind it and what they what the two siblings discover; magic is real, archaeology can be something other than boring, their father is braver than they thought, not all tombs are creepy, some people the spirits of people from over 500 years ago are awaking-the good and the evil-, and that they are closer to their mother than they ever imagined.
I recommend this book. It reminds me a little of the Kane Chronicles by Rick Rordan (and speaking of him  . . .) because it also is a modern twist on Egyptian mythology. It's a good read and is appropriate for all grade levels. This book packs a punch- read it if you can!

The Emerald Atlas

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Danger, Mystery (with a dash of humor, too . . .)

Suspense . . . danger . . . time travel . . . all of these are parts of the book The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens. This book is about 3 'orphans' whose parents disappeared 10 years earlier. The three were bumped around from orphanage to orphanage until they are put in a place called Cambridge Falls; a mysterious island that shouldn't exist. There they find a run-down orphanage, a mysterious book that calls to the oldest, Kate, an evil countess from the past, a magical place filled with life that looks nothing like the current island, and much more. It will take the help of a wizard, a valley of dwarfs, and many more unexpected allies to save the future, find out about their missing parents, protect the children of Cambridge Falls- and to make it back alive.
This is an intriguing book that changed my life and carried me with on every turn. I loved every minute of it! Everyone should read this book!

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