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Sunday, September 28, 2014

An interesting new poem . . .

I found this poem online and really fell in love with it. It reminds me of Christmas, my favorite holiday. I hope everyone else enjoys it, too!

Cold Santa's Cold Santa

quickly i have never waiting, softly beyond
any hot-chocolate, your chimney have their chilling:
in your most fun season are things which smiling me,
or which i cannot clutching because they are too frostily

you look spectacular (amazingly) and your smile will unwrite me
though i have myself have been drawing Jesus,
you sharing always stars by stars myself as Christmas carols caring with her
(pranking swiftly, silently) while sitting and watching her wonderful movies

or if your snow be to loving me, i and
my ornaments will wrapping very frivolously , anxiously ,
as when the Christmas tree of this hot-chocolate failing
the candy-canes sweetly everywhere running;

nothing which we are to decorating in this Christmas presents watching
the holly and mistletoe of your frosty stocking: whose cinnamon
hoping me with the fireplace of its family,
gifting cookies and decorations with each laughing person

(i do not snowing what it is about you that dumping
and cheering; only something in me drinking
the lights of your chimney is more beautiful than all Christmas carols)
snowmen, not even the reindeer, have such delicate warm clothing as you, my friend
my one and only understander

Well, I don't understand half of it, but I guess that means it's good, right? Anyways, just a reminder, I will be posting other things like this, such as requested pieces, poems, short-stories, some creations of my friends, ect, ect. I won't say any more about what I will post (but it will involve another video, soon). Enjoy the cool (yet confusing) poem! 

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