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Friday, September 26, 2014


* * */ Three Stars

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Danger (it has a couple creepy parts, though . . .)

Meg Cabot put together quite the interesting book. If you are looking for a quick read with edge, a little spine tingling, and some romance with twists, this is the book for you. Jinx is a good book(though I am not big on creepy, so I lowered this rating down by a star) about a girl named Jean whom bad things always happen to (thus forth, the nickname 'Jinx'). She had been told by her great grandmother that each time, once each 2nd or 3rd generation, a girl with enormous magical ability would be born. Jinx has never believed the tale, but when she goes to visit her younger cousin Tory and her family, she finds that sweet, innocent Tory that used to have fuzzy blonde hair is now wearing black clothes and make-up, smoking and drinking, and hangs out with the bad crowd. Worst of all, she thinks the story is true, and that Jinx has the 'powers' that were foretold to occur. Jinx isn't so sure. She actually thinks that Tory is off her rocker. Obviously, Tory doesn't agree with that. Instead, she's mad and vengeful that she wouldn't believe her or accept it. Jinx now juggles Tory's madness and terrible pranks, her new crush (who just may like her back), her new surroundings, peer pressure, and so much more. Can Jinx ever learn to embrace her hidden powers and confront her life, or will turning her back on it result in her worst luck yet?
This story is captivating and intriguing. I trust that any teen who wants some low chills and lots of thrills will love this fast-passed book.

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