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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Just to let you know, if you haven't already seen it, my last fanfiction was a bust. I mean, really, it was more just me saying what happen to the many characters in The Heros of Olympus series than a constructed, in-depth story continuation. Anyways, I've decided to try again with Leo and Calypso, since there is a huge margin for a story there from Calypso's point of view, especially since she spent eons on Ogygia waiting for him. What did she even do all that time, abandoned and alone? Anyways, here we go:

   Calypso was getting tired of Leo. He had only been there 5 days, and already she hated his presence. Yesterday he walked in the entrance of her cave, and she threw a pot at his head. She couldn't help but feel a twinge of satisfaction at seeing him run away. He was bent on trying to escape, although she had already explained to him that it wouldn't ever work. The island's magic was probably closed for good anyways.
   And then she had to give him food. Calypso was sick of making food deliveries. She didn't think he could die here, and although that change would probably be welcome, he was still a person, and she didn't want to see him suffer. Lately she had just left it out away from her home and he would collect it later, but still, it was bothersome. He was bothersome.
  And let's not forget his clothes. The past 2 days he had burned through his clothes, and she didn't expect those habits to change anytime soon. She would have to weave him new ones each day. It wasn't exactly hard, but it was annoying. Why couldn't he have been another, more likable, more handsome hero?
   As she went to bed that night, she sighed. Her luck was completely rotten.

   Calypso woke up to the sound of the birds outside and to her fountain. She got up, got dressed, and went out to her garden to tend to the plants. Then Calypso saw the fountain. One satyr statue on the fountain was tilted sideways and the water was spewing over the fountain at random moments. She tried everything she knew how to do to fix it, but still couldn't manage to twist it and get the water pressure on again. Reluctantly, after 3 hours of work, she knew that she couldn't do it alone. She never had tried to fix anything like this, and she had no experience that could help her with this specifically. She had to ask Leo for help. She shuddered, but walked down to his makeshift camp and brought him up to fix the fountain.
   Leo solved the problem in under 5 minutes. he called it an 'easy fix'. Go figure. She thanked him, half surprised he wasn't rubbing it back in her face, but he seemed genuine about the whole situation. Odd.
   As she fell asleep, the last thoughts she had about him were ' . . . maybe he isn't so bad after all'.

   Over the next couple days, Leo had made a small forge and was working on a new project. Calypso had come down once to check on him, but the first thing she noticed was that all of the birds and other animals (which she had relied on for company during her long periods of loneliness) were running and flying away from that side of the island due to Leo's hammering and smoke. She voiced her complaints, but he just mockingly replied, "Oh, no, not the birds!" He still believed that there would be a way off her island, and continued working on. Angrily, she told him that she had brought down more food for him, since he hadn't eaten in 2 days. He looked surprised that she had noticed at all, as she had stopped picking up and carrying the food to their meeting spot (and had started sending her invisible servants to do it instead) and generally tried to ignore him unless she wanted to ask him a favor. He promised to hammer quieter, to which she said "Huh" in a dull, unimpressed voice. Just because he did her some favors lately did not make him any less annoying and imposing, and it certainly didn't make her like him any more. Calypso was determined not to like him at all.
   However, she was sick of making him new clothes each day, and so she decided to make him ones that were fireproof. she would have made them plain white, but then decided to look into the past and create them based on clothes he had already worn. If she was already weaving them with magic anyways, what difference did it make? It would be a surprise, and a thank you gift for the fact that he fixed the fountain and did a handful of other small fixes.
   When she went to drop the clothes off, she came up behind Leo and started talking. He dropped his wires and jumped. After a few seconds of staring at her mindlessly with wide eyes, he shook his head and took the clothes, then sarcastically said something about her really warming up to him. Calypso blushed deeply and angrily stated that she only had an interest in not making him new clothes all the time and explained that it was a thanks for all the other things he had fixed for her. He laughed when she started naming them off, but then his excuses began coming out slightly slower, and he looked just a little bit flustered. "You're really warming up to me," she repeated, though not to be mean. Right then, she was really having fun. As he showed her the Archimedes sphere he had been working so hard on, then promptly lit his shirt on fire, she tried not to laugh. It didn't work as he had hoped, but then Calypso suggested singing to clear his mind so he could think straighter. She sang a few lines, then stopped and opened her eyes. Leo was staring at her so hard it was slightly unnerving, as if she was the only thing there. She shifted slightly and changed the subject. "Any luck?" she asked. His eyes tore away from her with a struggle and he went back to the sphere, which he made work with ease this time.
   Scenes played out from the outside world. The last one was of a beautiful Roman roughly his age, flying across the ocean on a severely wounded and tired Pegasus. They were flying into a huge storm. Leo screamed, "No, not now. Show me what happens!" Calypso couldn't help but feel a tiny twinge of jealousy as she asked him if the girl they just saw was his girlfriend. He stared at her as if she was crazy, and then proclaimed that he didn't have one but still needed to see more. Gaea appeared and tried to strike up a deal with her. In exchange for Leo, she could have any number of things, including Percy Jackson, who would be hers to "punish or love" as she so chose. But if her evil grandmother wanted Leo, that meant that he was vital to his team aboard his ship, and could tip the balance of the war. No. Gaea couldn't have him. Calypso wouldn't be swayed by the evil lineage of her family again like she was in the first titan war just because they were family. Leo was her friend, and she would have to help him get back to his ship to save the world.

   In the nest week, Calypso had completed all the tasks Leo had given her to help out with, such as gathering supplies, weaving rope, and making rigging and sails and had started pitching in with some of his. They were going to make a boat that he could ride out of Ogygia on. The unofficial rules that said he couldn't eat with her seemed to be abolished, and they were eating dinner that night when he started talking about the machine shop that he would open, and how he could hire her. He added on, "We could even provide entertainment. You could sing and I could, like, randomly burst into flames." Calypso laughed, and inside, her heart did a little flip. He remarked on how funny he was, and she tried to kill her smile. "You are not funny," she replied. She was trying, actually making an effort not to like Leo, who she had despised when he first arrived. He would leave anyways. She wouldn't fall for him like she had every other hero and have her heart broken. And yet . . . the ideas he shared with her, however, about him coming back for her, and them starting up a shop were really sweet. Her heart just wasn't entirely with the program.
   She asked when he was going to be able to leave, sure that Leo would be just as antsy to get off her island as he was when he arrived, but he answered 'about another week' with a completely calm voice, as if staying a little longer wouldn't bother him anymore. She wondered why that had changed now.
   Leo, as dinner was ending, surprised her again by bringing up how he wanted to fix his metal dragon and then come back to rescue her. She explained once more how it wouldn't work and how she couldn't leave, but he sounded so sure of his plan it was hard to believe what she was telling herself anymore. He went back to his plans for the boat when a small raft appeared on the beach.
   Calypso hurriedly crammed Leo's supplies onto the boat and told him to hurry, since she didn't know how long it would stay for. The raft only appeared for those she fell in love with though, which meant . . . another hero would break her heart again. Leo, seconds later, shared that thought, although he voiced it aloud. She replied by telling him not to push his luck, and not to make her any empty promises about coming back. no man found Ogygia twice.
   When Leo began to argue with her, she kissed him, and then shoved him onto the raft. His voice was unusually high. As the magical raft floated away, tears streamed down her face. She wiped her face furiously as she stormed up the beach, retreating to her cave.

   Calypso, within the next month, had packed everything she would need to take to the outside world in 2 light suitcases. She always kept them on the beach, so if, by some miracle, someone came back for her, she would be ready.
   Years and years and years past on Ogygia, and still nothing. She stopped going to that part of the beach. Calypso told herself that nobody would come. Her slim hopes were dashed.
   One day, she woke up exceptionally early. She felt strange, and somehow wanted to go down to that stretch of beach again. She called her invisible servants to go with her in case she needed them. Something would happen today; she could feel it. Calypso waited until sunset on the beach when she saw a shining glint of metal in the sky, followed by loud whoops of joy. She smiled slowly.

 . . . And that's the end. Sorry it was so long, but I tried hard not to make it overly sappy and stuff yet still fit it in with Leo's account of what happened in The House Of Hades. Hope you enjoyed this!

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