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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Myth, Mystery, Humor

Percy Jackson. Awesome. Need I say more? Anyways, this book is one of my personal favorites. Written by best-selling author Rick Rordan, this page-turner is filled to the brim with excitement! When Percy Jackson, a 'troubled' middle school kid who is tossed around from school to school, is taken on a tour of a museum, everything changes in his life. He finds out that all the Greek myths of olden days are true, which explains a lot; his ADHD, his inability to read English properly, and the reason why he can see things he shouldn't. He is taken to Camp Half Blood, a training camp for 'people like him' where he finds out that he is a demigod(the product of a god/goddess and a mortal; his father is Poseidon), some of the Greek gods are after him, asking for a 'lightning bolt' that they think he stole, his best friend from school is his 'protector' and has goat legs, monsters are real, and that he will do whatever it takes to protect his friends and family from anything thrown his way.
This is an AWESOME book (or at least I think so) and this just goes to show that Rick Rordan is a master at writing. I am inspired by this book and Rordan's ability to hold the reader's attention. I think that everyone should read this amazing novel!

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