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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Of Giants and Ice

* * * * */ Five Stars!!!!

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Danger, Fantasy (a tiny bit of widespread humor . . .)

This is a newly-found favorite of mine that I have already fallen in love with. Author Shelby Bach is a genius; I wonder why I haven't heard of her before! This book is about a girl in middle school who is the daughter of a famous movie star and a director. She isn't comfortable with the fact that she has to live in the shadow of her parents' fame and never had any friends who were her friends because they actually liked her; the all just wanted to meet her famous parents. This all changes when she is recommended by her teachers to go to the EAS after-school program. She expects to be going to a boring day-care system; instead she and her class step through a portal and find that they have to battle a fire-breathing dragon. Rory soon finds that EAS is a school for 'characters', or people who are training to go on a tale or quest (to become a fairy tale character). Rory is loving EAS; she finally has made a real friend, has a cool sword, and is having fun without her parents' fame in the way. But will she continue to shine in her new role as the worst evil the EAS world has ever known arises?
I can't say it any better than this; READ IT! You won't regret it, and this book is good for all ages, so it's totally appropriate. It's a great book, so get it before it's gone!

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