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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Tangle of Knots

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Adventure, Action, Danger, Fantasy, Intellect

In this book by Lisa Graff, talented people are everywhere. Literally. Almost everyone in the world is born with an amazing talent. For example, one person can whistle perfectly while another can sing like an angel. Only a few are born without a special ability. Cady is an eleven-year-old 'orphan' who has an amazing talent for baking (mainly cakes and other goodies) but has never been adopted. Well, she has been (several times), but it never seems to work out. At an adoption fair, she meets a man named Toby who takes her home and starts a chain of events that will change her life forever. Because of this she will encounter a luggage emporium, a mysterious peanut-butter recipe, a family that is searching for their talents, an exciting baking contest, a shady man who steals people's talents, and the truth about her knotted past.
This book was a real 'treat' (hah hah). I loved every minute of it and I hope that you do, too. Everyone should own this outlandish, mystical, and magical book.

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