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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Almost Home

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Drama, Realistic Fiction, Adventure, Humor (this made me want to cry and laugh at the same time!)

The book Almost Home by Joan Bauer is one of those cleverly made, feel-good books that really makes you think. It's a good read but is kind-of paced, so a person who flies through books may not enjoy it as much (sorry . . .). Forgive me, but I just have to say this: As soon as I finished the first chapter, I realized that I was already in love with her spunk and humorous actions (the funniest part of which being that she doesn't know she's funny). Anyways, moving on, the book is about a girl named Sugar who has some tough spots in her life.  Her life is pretty bad. Her mother is in love with her father who is a drug and drink addict and a gambler. She sometimes has to sleep in her car. Also, Sugar has her grandfather 'King Cole' die, her house get taken by the bank (thanks to the fact that her father, whom she calls 'Mr.Leland' instead of dad, gambled away all of the families' money), and has to move to a homeless shelter in Chicago. Although the world seems rough for her, Sugar is determined to turn it around and provide a better life for herself, her mother, and her new puppy, Shush.
This book is a great one that seems like it should have been a classic. Chock-full of suspense, drama, laughs, and so many more surprises, this novel is one I couldn't put down.

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