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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Into the Wild

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Danger, Suspense (lots of 'twoleg' humor)

In this remarkable book by Erin Hunter, you are invited into the world of the 'wild' cats. In this novel, the cat Rusty longs for a different life, one filled with adventure, instead of one as a 'kittypet', or house cat. It comes to him when he jumps over his fence for a walk in the woods and meets an apprentice named Graypaw. Graypaw trains to become a warrior of Thunderclan, where he will protect his clanmates(family), fight battles against enemy clans, and eventually have a mate and kits of his own. Rusty, intrigued by  clan life, decides to join and become a warrior as well. His life will now change forever as he encounters; hard training, weird houses, strange healers, interesting solutions, new rules, fierce fights, unexpected friends, and a desire to make his new clan proud of him, even though he was a lowly house cat. But, even though he feels he can prove his worth, will his new 'family' ever really accept him?
In this astonishing book, you'll find yourself being pulled in to this compelling story. I recommend this book to anyone searching for a good read.

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