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Saturday, September 27, 2014


* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Danger, Futuristic (some dry, developed humor)

Anna Jarzab is a new author that I feel should have started writing years ago. She's amazing and her book really invites you in. Anyways, this is a story about a girl named Sasha. She's at a bookshop when her old crush, Grant walks in and begins talking to her, and he's only about the cutest boy in town! She's a little confused at first, though; he's never taken an interest in her before. But whatever. He's just trying to meet new people, right? So, when he asks her out to the dance at school, she's amazed but excited. She going with Grant! At the dance, they walk outside to the beach right before she goes home for a relaxing stroll when he shoves a clunky metal bracelet around her wrist and shoves her through the Tandem (an interdemesional  web of worlds). She and Grant, or should I say 'Thomas', are in a world called Aurora, a world like Earth, only completely different. The 'United States' is divided into different regions, each ruled by a different set of kings of queens. Juliana, the princess of one region, disappeared and Sasha is her counterpart from another world. Sasha must now pretend to be princess Juliana to prevent war across this to-be America. Still, Sasha wonders. What is the real reason she was pulled into Aurora? Does Thomas like her? Was Juliana really kidnapped? And will she ever go home again?
In this story, the plot came alive, the words tumbled off the pages, and the heart was swayed. If you want a good book to curl up with, this is it. I recommend to everyone to read 'Tandem'. You won't be sorry!

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