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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ruby Red

* * * * */ Five Star (it was AMAZING . . .)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Humor, Danger, Suspense, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance (a little bit)

In this enchanting book by Kerstin Gier, a teenager named Gwendolyn Shepard is thrust into a world that's seemingly unimaginable. Every couple generations, a boy and a girl from each family (there are two gene-families) is born with a special time-traveling gene. There is only one carrier left to find, though, and everyone thinks that it's her snooty cousin, Charlotte. But, on the day of Charlotte's birthday, nothing happens. Something has happened to Gwendolyn, though. She is ripped through time and space when she leaves her house. She, in fact, is the special last carrier, the 'ruby'. There is a special prophecy about the ruby; that she will die an icy death. This all brings up many questions for Gwen. Will she be prepared for what happened next because Charlotte was trained instead of her? Will she ever find out what the 'Count' is planning (the founder of this secret time-travel organization)? Will Gwendolyn ever find out the truth behind this mysterious prophecy? Will she ever find where she belongs?
Jump into the world of this amazing and bedazzling novel, and you won't be sorry!

(and, yes, I put down both covers . . .)

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