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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Name of this Book is Secret

* * * */ Four Stars (almost five . . . almost . . .)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Danger, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Humor (TONS of it)

In this wildly amusing book by 'Pseudonymous Bosch' (funny, right?), normal is a thing of the past for characters Max-Ernest and Cassandra when they find a kit called, 'The Sensory of Smells'. After that, many things transpire; they are invited to join a secret society that works to bring down 'The Midnight Sun', they explore an abandoned house, riddles are solved, questions arise, doubts outbreak, secrets are revealed, the keys to immortality are explored, and so much more. Filled with magic, daring, and cunning, this book is one that will enslave the mind ans thrill even the pickiest readers.
This is an excellent book that had me up all night reading. I recommend it to anyone looking for their next favorites.

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