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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Book of Story Beginnings

* * * * */ Five Stars (way up!)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Danger, Suspense (this book is NOT horror . . .)

Kristin Kladstrup has devised a way to engage the reader and capture your attention; that alone seemed magical when I read this book! But that isn't even the beginning of this book's supply of the mysterious and magical. This well-written book starts with a young boy in Iowa's story. He finds a book with no words in it called "The Book of Story Beginnings". So, naturally, he writes three beginnings for some stories he has in mind. They all come to life the next night, and he disappears with them, the book still left discarded at his house until someone else comes to finish what he started. And, someone does; his great-niece finds the book and writes her own special story beginning in it; this makes her father turn into a bird, her great uncle reappear (he's still the exact same age), a mysterious island ruled by the king of cats and the queen of birds jump out of the book, a ship filled with 9 orphans is encountered, and so much more.
Come read this book and experience the mystical, magical, wonderful, world of the Book of Story Beginnings!

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