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Hi! Welcome to the Creative Corner! This is going to be a site devoted to book-lovers like me who are always looking for a good read. I am going to do book reviews, recommendations, list off short stories and post some of my own. If you are looking for a good, reliable source for all things book, you've found it. So, again, welcome! Hope you visit my site again soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! In celebration of this holiday, I am posting this Charlie Brown video:

Also, CLICK HERE to go to the Food Network webpage for Thanksgiving and CLICK HERE to go a website about Thanksgiving crafts. 

Lastly, I found this (insanely hard) Thanksgiving dinner logic puzzle. It is much more difficult than it seems! CLICK HERE to go there now. 

Anyways, Happy Holidays and enjoy your break from school/work! I'm wishing all my readers the best this Thanksgiving! Have a good one! 

Friday, November 13, 2015


* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, Intrigue, (a little) Romance, Futuristic, and Fiction

In this book by Teri Terry, Kyla has been slated. In other words, her mind has been wiped by the government. The government, in order to avoid killing young terrorists and criminals, clears their minds of their memories and reforms them with a special bracelet called a levo. It monitors your happiness, anger, and sadness levels. If they drop below a 3, you get shocked. Below a 2, and you get knocked out. If you try to remove it, you die from the stress and pain it inflicts on your body. If you still find a way to get around the levo or question the slating system, government agents called Lorders come into play and 'take care of you'. Kyla doesn't remember who she is and what she did, but right away she notices some things that are different in herself that sets her aside every other slated she encounters at her new school and with her foster family. She is more in control of her thoughts and susceptibility, she feels more comfortable writing with her weaker hand than with her dominant one, she has been having strange dreams, and her levo seems to be . . . wrong. With the help of her new friend (or maybe more than that), Ben, Kyla tries to uncover who she is, what is happening in her dreams, and what is wrong with both the government and her levo. But Kyla's past holds many secrets, some she may not want to find out. Will she succeed, or will the weight of her past memories and the threat of the Lorders prove too much for her to handle?
I really enjoyed this interesting read. Full of adventure and mystery, this novel is sure to please!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy (kinda-late) Halloween!

Hello again! Sorry I wasn't able to post anything on Halloween day, but I was busy the whole weekend. I meant to post this video beforehand, but you can see it now. Happy (late) Halloween! Enjoy!