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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


* */ Two Stars

Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama, Romance, Action, Mystery (it has some creepy, gory parts, though . . .)

Dive into the book Wake by Amanda Hocking to enter the mystical world of the sirens. Gemma is a normal girl who is a member of the swim team, is falling in love with the boy next door, and is the prettiest girl in her town. She goes for a swim in the cove like she does every night and finds the mysterious girls Penn, Lexi, and Thea. They give her a drink, and then she is found in the cove the next morning, with no memory of what had happened past that point. Gemma soon finds that she can swim super-fast, she keeps finding green-ish scales everywhere, and she is growing more and more beautiful by the day. What is happening to her? What is with this constant hunger? Is it connected to the mysterious murders going on? What do the three girls know? And finally, if this is such a good thing, a blessing, then why does she feel  . . . cursed?
Personally, I don't dig horror, so this wasn't (AT ALL) my favorite, but many other people liked it, so I decided to post about it. I think that anyone who wants a junior's take on a horror story mixed with a dangerous romance would love this astounding novel.

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