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Monday, October 27, 2014

Every Soul a Star

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Adventure, Loss, Identity, Drama, Suspense, Humor, Friendship, Romance (but only some . . .)

In this inspiring book by Wendy Mass, Bree's worst nightmare has just begun. She's moving to a rinky-dink campsite called 'Moon Shadow' (that doesn't even have good reception!), away from her best friend and her dreams of becoming a model. However, she isn't the only one whose life is being turned upside-down. Ally has lived at camp Moon Shadow with her family for a while; watching the stars, playing with her little brother, and being home-schooled is part of what makes her her. But now, she is forced to move to the city and begin a new life right after an amazing solar eclipse . . . Jack is overweight, is failing his science class, and lacks confidence; but, he has a good heart and dreams that he can fly. When he goes on a trip to Moon Shadow with his 'tour group' to see the eclipse, his life, along with Bree's and Ally's, will be forever changed.
I just adored this amazing book. Wendy held on to my attention until the last page. Everyone who reads it will fall in love with this spectacular novel!

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