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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chasing Vermeer

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, Intellect, Drama, Danger, (some) Humor

One night, three letters were sent off to three different people; telling them that they would be working together to solve a long forgotten mystery (Well, I hope that was interesting enough to keep you reading this. Now, onto the next part . . .). Anyways, now we get to Petra, a girl named after the ruins, who noticed that on the news they were talking about a stolen painting by Vermeer himself.  Her classmate, Calder, also heard about this, and with his strange problem solving abilities and his knack for puzzles, the two dive into the mystery of the lost painting, the mysterious 'three', and a strange stepfather. Will the solve the mystery? Or will their clues only lead them on a wild goose chase? Will they forever be chasing Vermeer?
I thought that this book was amazing, and that Blue Balliett crafted a truly astounding book (but you might have to read it more than once to really appreciate it and understand it). Everyone who reads it will love it!

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