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Friday, October 10, 2014

Deep Blue

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Danger, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Humor (like 'curren-sea'!  . . . well, after you read it, you will understand . . .)

In this incredible book by Jennifer Donnelly, Serafina is a princess. But not like any other princess on land; in fact, she doesn't rule on land at all. She is a mermaid princess attending her engagement ceremony when all hell breaks lose. An arrow zips through the crowd, killing her mother, the queen. Mermaids of all kinds flee; some are killed, some escape, but she and her best friend find out about the only way to save the entire realm from falling. Surprisingly, it lies in an old tale about the original 'enchantresses', or sea witches, of the waters. They soon find out that there is a prophecy that predicts that 6 mermaids scattered across the seas are going to be the new witches, creating an unimaginable bond that will save both their homelands and the world. Will Serafina and her new-found 'sisters' be able to fight for the sake of the seas and win? Will she and her friend be caught before they even get the chance to gather them all? Will the assassin be revealed? Or will Serafina and her new friends fail, and slink off slowly into the deep, deep blue . . . ?
Well, I will tell you this; I was in love with this book from the first page. To be honest, I really tried to avoid this book at first; I thought it would be dumb, since it was about mermaids and all. But, as soon as I got down into it, I instantly regretted ignoring it. This is one that everyone will enjoy, and another great novel that is destined to be a classic!

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