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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Wish List

* * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Humor, Drama, Danger, Suspense, Intellect, Action, Adventure (and one chapter/part of the book about his old love . . . so some romance . . .)

When Meg Finn goes to rob old man Lowrie in exchange for a favor, she didn't expect to die. No, Lowrie wasn't supposed to even be up. Her 'partner' in this crime, Belch, loaned her a video camera that could change her life by exposing her stepfather for what he really was; a selfish pig that didn't shed a tear when her mother died and used her as a slave in her own house. She knew the cost of borrowing this would be high, but she didn't expect that she would have to go such lengths to repay him. So, there she was, with the old man behind her, and Belch about to set his dog upon him. Meg found that she couldn't do it, and so she and Belch fell out a window and ended up dead. Belch, for all his sins, went to hell with the rest of the demons. But, Meg didn't. Her last act, saving Lowrie before she died, made her tally of deeds even; dead even. Now she has to go back to earth to help the person whom she did wrong; Lowrie. If she succeeds and becomes more good than bad, she gets a free-pass to heaven. But, the Devil is mad that he didn't get Meg. He is sending Belch back to 'make her bad'. Will Meg help Lowrie fix his mess of a life before he dies? Or will Belch turn her 'bad', and send her spiraling towards hell?
Eoin Colfer has crafted quite the novel! In this page-turner (no, this isn't creepy, despite the heaven-and-hell thing going on) I was moved by Meg and Lowrie's attempt at fixing up their broken lives and their new-found friendship. I think that anyone who reads it will love this book; especially the ending!

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