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Sunday, October 12, 2014

All's fair in Love and in War . . .

I have just made an amazing poem that I already love. It had no specific title (I haven't decided on one yet) so I made one up on the fly. It's about a young woman in Vietnam whom wants excitement in her life and is happy when the war swings by. What she soon realizes is that she wants her old life and her fighting husband back. This is an astounding piece that I really hope everyone will enjoy!

Melody and Harmony

I sing for my land and my family; and all the trials and grieving of past tracks;
I breathe the fresh sea air and let go of my pain again and again,
singing by the open sea side and letting my simple life slip away
wishing I and my family could make a difference

My single ‘gift’, knowledges of hurt and light and sorrow, help people move on
into my eternal, musical, sweet and embracing musical oblivion
The beautiful song I create which healing lies in:
I make my melody thrive and all the notes glow with a strong, blossoming love

Especially when I heard you were helping the cause,
I was glad you would fight for our loses,
our friends and family that fell for our freedom
How wrong I was to be happy you would go to battle

I was sparkling with pride that you and me would contribute to world peace
And inside the feeling unifying me wonderfully, making me quite joyful and happy
(You bring me to life; I will always live with you inside my sight)

This was different from the change we thought we would make;
nations changing, your letters coming from oversea lands, cursed ideas of war
smiling, suffering, medicine, and wonder; all healed and yet destroyed our land  
I still sing out, my melody and all the notes glowing with a simple love.

I imagine I still hold you; both of us crying and laughing ,
But I smiling joyously and holding your hands
but I then remember you are far away from me
(You bring me to life; I will always live with you inside my sight)

Even though I wanted the adventure of having a ‘eagle eye’ view
of the fields of labor called a battle
I was not prepared for when you left me
I found I missed our simple, plain life

When our beautiful land wasn't at war,
I lived without a care; only a fierce longing for more
I had all I needed with my home, and with you, my dear friend, who has become something more as well to my heart.

On our day, when our pledges were made, I wrote;
‘You bring me to life; I will always live with you inside my sight’
and I still stand by these words
but why must you have gone?

I miss you terribly; and yet, I still wonder
why can not the world learn from past mistakes and move on
as one, without this pain and sorrow that clouds our souls like a fog
and makes us fight for no reason, brother against brother

You should not have to suffer instead for others wanting this sacrifice;
At times my hands, head, and heart wonder if you are coming back to me again
If the world would ever learn from all our mistakes
If the soldiers like you will ever return back home
I sing my melody and all the notes are glowing with my sadness and love.

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