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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unjournal 18

Prompt: You're a spy. You're in danger. You have to get off an island, fast. You have arranged a signal with the owner of a boat. If he receives a note inviting him to a party, but without using the letter a, he know to come for you, fast. To avoid suspicion if the note is intercepted, you want to be sure and include all the details about the party, including the reason for it. Write your note. Be careful though. One accidental a means you won't be rescued!

Ernie Invites You!
You’re invited to Ernie’s house! Come before 3 o’clock to 5897 Wilmore Drive. Our get together in honor of Ernie’s house-welcoming will be on Wed., November 3rd. It’s going to be epic! Be sure to be there!

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