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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Unjournal 13

Prompt: Write 10 food and people similes. In other words, compare a person (real or imagined) to food.  For example, you might say,"Franco is as assertive as a wilted piece of lettuce," or "Marianna's hair is as red as tomato soup." Your comparisons should create a very clear image of the person. You can only use ONE color simile.

  1. Rachel Dare is as rich as a triple layer black-forest cake.
  2. Percy Jackson’s hair is as dark as a black moonpie.
  3. Silena is as skinny as a string bean.
  4. Clarisse is as sour as a lemon.
  5. Kronos has as many brains as a boiled potato.
  6. Luke is as vicious and prickly as a pineapple.
  7. Mrs. O’Leary is as sweet as a strawberry.
  8. Octavian is as slick and slippery as soup.
  9. Frank is as big (not as round) as a watermelon.
  10. Hershey (my dog) is as sweet as chocolate.

(Sorry that half of these are so cheesy. I love the Percy Jackson series so much that I can't help but incorporate its characters into my school work. I know that the similes are terrible . . . )

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