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Monday, February 1, 2016

Unjournal 10

Prompt: Allegorical names generally give a hint about who a character is.  Herman Pocketprotector might be a nerd, for example, or Hazel Scuttlebutt a busybody. Invent two characters with allegorical names.  Then write a conversation between them. What they say should reflect the personality suggested by their names.

Misty Gloomsome (who is always sad and upset)
Malic Nightshade (who is always angry and dark)
“How dare they not let me try out for the play!” Malic complained with furious undertones. “I wanted to be the vampire queen in the production, but Ally Summers got the part! She isn’t even good!”
“Well . . . I’m sorry for you . . .” Misty whispered, trying to hide behind her long hair.
“You should be!” Malic hissed back at her only friend.
“I’m sorry . . . I’ll do better . . .” Misty whimpered again. “Today someone stole my money again . . . I couldn’t do anything to stop them . . .” she said sadly.
“How dare they disrespect us! We are the most popular people in school!” shrieked Malic. “Who are they!? We are going to make them pay for this insult!” Before Misty could say who it was, Malic was already dragging her down the hall, shoving people out of the way in her unstoppable rage.

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