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Monday, February 29, 2016

Starting a Novel: Chapter 2

This is a short chapter from my story. Feel free to comment, like, etc.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Lisa lived far up north in the mountains of Aurelia. I say ‘lived’ because she doesn’t anymore. However, even up in the snowiest and most treacherous region in the entire land, the whispers of a girl who could bend the elements to her will reached Lisa.
She didn’t believe in that sort of thing yet, but she would.
Lisa, unlike Alice, lived alone. She was a lot more independent, since her father died while she was young and her mother died in childbirth. Lisa had only one friend, and her name was Ann. It wasn’t uncommon for the girls to visit eachother. That’s why the way Lisa died was so tragic.
Lisa and her friend were at Lisa’s mountain cottage. It was lower on the peaks than some of the other houses around the area, but it was very secure. No matter what was thrown at the old home, it stayed put. In the house, Lisa felt invincible and powerful, protected against whatever the storms of life threw at her. As she soon came to learn later on that day, she wasn’t.
Ann had stayed at Lisa’s house the whole day, and she needed to go home. Lisa peered outside saw the snowstorm starting to pick up from her window.
“Are you sure you don’t want to wait it out? It’s pretty bad out there,” Lisa told her friend with worry.
Ann simply laughed. “It storms every day. So what? I’ll be fine.” And with that, Ann tugged on her heavy boots and thick coat. She then marched out the door, waving goodbye.
Ann had not crossed more than 10 feet of ground when the winds picked up and the storm knocked down a big pile of rocks and snow. Lisa saw that Ann would be crushed and she sprinted to the rescue. Lisa shoved Ann away from the falling rocks and got nailed by the debris herself. Lisa died. She was gone, dead, already a ghost. But, much like Alice, she came back to life.
That night, Lisa woke up amidst the rubble wearing a thick purple winter coat with brass buttons. The material was strange, and she had no idea where it came from, but Lisa knew that she getting out had to be her top priority. Unlike Alice, Lisa noticed her gifts automatically. A giant brass shovel appeared in her hands, which was hard to miss. Lisa blinked. She had just been thinking about how she needed a shovel.
She kicked against the rocks to create an opening for her new tool, and then began shoving them out of her way with the shovel. She was out of the pile within an hour.
As you might have guessed, Lisa had become a queen. But not just any queen. Lisa had become the Iris Queen, since the iris flowers grew around her home, almost like a border, during spring. She, however, had no wish to conceal her power. It was a blessing to Lisa; the power she held inside had saved her life! Why hide it?
Months went by, and others on the mountainside began to see Lisa as a freak of nature rather than their old neighbor. Lisa ignored them, still convinced that others would accept her. It was only when Ann’s family forbid the two girls to see eachother that Lisa finally realized her mistake in publicizing her magic.
Queen Lisa fled the mountain in the summer, when the snow wasn’t as deep anymore. She looked back at her old house only once, and then her eyes shifted to Ann’s home. Lisa saw Ann’s tear-stained face in the window. Her old and faithful friend was waving goodbye.
A single, stray tear slipped down Lisa’s face. But she then she tore her gaze away from the two cottages, composed herself quickly, and kept walking.
She would never come back.

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