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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Starting a Novel

I have been contemplating the prospect of starting my own book for a while now, and I've decided to try writing some of it. This is the first bit. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what you guys think. If anyone likes this, recommends it on google, comments, etc. I will post the first chapter. Here goes nothing . . . 

Long ago, in the land of Aurelia, everyone lived under the queen. She was the supreme ruler of the entire kingdom, and she was known far and wide as ‘the Floral Empress’. She was called Flora, and she was much beloved by the people. The nation was in peace, until raiders from a tiny island named Doon came to the land. They brought furs to trade, flowers never seen before, and exquisite necklaces. The people allowed the strange newcomers to stay. However, they didn’t come for peaceful trade.
Soon their leader, a foreign, cruel king with a giant army, came into the kingdom. His name was Sath, and after witnessing the magic held deep within the forest and the sheer power controlled by the queen, he wanted it for himself. He promised the people of Aurelia power beyond imagination and wealth beyond belief if they made him the ruler of this land. When he stormed the castle, nobody tried to stop him from reaching their queen.
Flora knew, as soon as she saw that the people had abandoned her, that she couldn’t win. So, in an effort to prevent Sath from receiving her powers and taking over other kingdoms, Flora fled the castle and ran into the woods, entrusting her magic to a select group of creatures living there. When the army caught up to her, it was too late to gain her power. They took her back to their king, who had already taken the castle as his own. Sath, upon seeing the Floral Empress, trust his sword into her side.
“If you tell me where you have concealed your magic, I will heal you,” he said, although his tone made it clear that he had no intention of doing so. His eyes burned with an anger that can only be witnessed in that of an insane man. His hands still gripped his sword. He turned his fiery gaze on the queen again, expecting her to cower before him. Instead, she insulted him with her composure and certainty as the color began to leave her face. With her dying breath, she laughed. It was the last time she would ever do so.
“Never. My daughter, and her daughter, and her granddaughter will spread out and bring peace to this nation again. I will not survive the night, but they will help the nation survive indefinitely. My descendants will become new queens, and all will be as it was before, once all of Doon is gone from the land.”
And, with that, she smiled. It was a sad, remorseful smile. Then the light in her eyes faded, and the queen slumped over, dead.

So, again, what did you guys think of it? Good or no? Anyways, be sure to let me know! 

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