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Friday, February 5, 2016

Unjournal 14

Prompt: In one sentence describe something (not someone) that is very ugly.  Create a vividly ugly image, with words.

Response: The item was absolutely terrible. It made her want to run back upstairs and hide. But it was a Christmas gift from her grandmother, so Alli had to act grateful. She shuddered at the thought, however. It would be very hard to fake her appreciation. It was truly hideous.
The tweed, old, moth-bitten Christmas sweater still had that sour, flowery smell that all clothing given from elders contained. It was splotched with specs of who knew what, and ugly knitted reindeer and a grimacing Santa were displayed on the front. Then again, if I had to decorate this sweater for eternity, I would be grimacing, too, Alli thought to herself. There was an overabundance of old faded neon strips on the back, which made her eyes water and sting. Looking at them made her head hurt. To top it all off, the tweed fabric was incredibly scratchy, and it made her itchy just staring at it.
Sighing, Alli pulled on the terrible shirt that doubled as a torture device and slowly turned to face her family. Weakly, she smiled and said, “I . . . love it, so . . . very much, I guess?” Her grandmother beamed, satisfied that she had given her granddaughter a present that she enjoyed. If only she knew.

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