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Hi! Welcome to the Creative Corner! This is going to be a site devoted to book-lovers like me who are always looking for a good read. I am going to do book reviews, recommendations, list off short stories and post some of my own. If you are looking for a good, reliable source for all things book, you've found it. So, again, welcome! Hope you visit my site again soon!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Video Time!

This is a trailer for the first book I posted about, the Emerald Atlas! It is a wonderful book that everyone will enjoy (even though I don't really like this guy's voice . . .), and it is totally note-worthy. No, this is not a scary or creepy book; I have read only about 7 times, so I should know. READ IT!!!!!

(Sorry if this doesn't work, but this is my first time trying this . . .)

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