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Friday, November 14, 2014

Other Blogs . . .

I am weird. And, more importantly so, I am proud of it (in a dorky sort-of way). It's lead to me starting my own blog that hundreds of people see every day (so let's assume it's benefiting me). Also, this post is about other weird people with other strange blogs. So, if you like the Creative Corner, here are some other blogs you may enjoy . . .

I Love Pigs

- An interesting blog about . . . pigs. And yes, I said pigs. This blog is dedicated to pigs; and more specifically, facts about them. For example, did you know that pigs prefer water to mud and are good swimmers? Or that after just two weeks they have committed their names to memory and will come when called? Anyways, if you like pigs, copy this blog address and go check out this site!

Peace, Love, Chipotle

- A blog that is just starting out about history, merchandise, and film fridays. And, of course, salsa. This blog is about Chipotle, America's favorite Mexican Grill (or so it says . . .). Anyways, if burritos, chips, and beans (and plenty of randomness) are up your alley, you'll love this blog. And speaking of food . . .

The Imagine Works

- Do you love recipes? Well, if you love trying out new ones, this is just the place for you! This is an awesome blog about recipes around the globe that is just getting started in the blogger community but is already a big hit. If you are looking for things like chocolate-dipped popcorn or pumpkin smoothies, this is the blog to turn to.

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