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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thirteen Treasures

* * */ Three Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Danger, Suspense, Fantasy (it has a couple of creepy parts, but I wouldn't stick it under horror . . .)

In this intriguing novel by Michele Harrison, Tanya is just a regular girl . . . with the supernatural ability to see fairies. She has learned to keep her gift hidden (because she has landed herself on many a doctor or therapist's desk for claiming to see them), but somehow she still managed to have a run-in involving her gift. She was sent to her grandmother's house, one that is absolutely teeming with fairies (who aren't exactly the kind, loving ones we all have heard of). In her grandmother''s library, she finds a beautiful silver bracelet with 13 little charms on it. After that point, strange things begin happening, and Tanya will soon encounter; a stranger in the house's garden, a greedy fairy, a startling truth, an old family friend, an unlikely friendship, a runaway, a 'crazy' old hag, and a secret about her family that will change her life forever.
I liked this book. It was a bit creepy in some places (which is why I downgraded it a star), but, to be honest, the storyline kind-of demanded that it must. It probably wouldn't have been a better book as a whole without those parts. Anyways, anybody who wants an awesome read with some chills up their spines will love this book.

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