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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Unwanteds

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Danger, Drama, Humor, (some; very little) Romance

In this astounding book by Lisa McMann, the magic-less society Alex lives in divides their youth that come of age into three groups; those who are wanted in their society, those who are 'necessary' in the society, and those who are unwanted. Alex is one of those unlucky teenagers that has been cast aside. He, along with all the other unwanteds, are supposed to be killed(or so everyone who sees this tragic event says). Instead, he and the other unwanteds on his bus do not meet their dooms, but instead they are welcomed into the magical world of Artime, where all the saved unwanteds that were sent away live in secret. The creative abilities of the unwanteds helps them use magic to enchant objects (or give them life), create weapons, and invent new spells and trinkets. Soon, though, the regular, wanted people of Quill find out that Artime exists, and a full-out war starts between the lands of cunning and strength and that of fantasy and courage. Will Alex and his new friends be able to save their home from Quill? Or will Artime, just like before, cease to exist?
This amazing book really opens your eyes to the world of splendor and enchantment around you. Anyone looking for a book that packs a punch will love this wondrous book!

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