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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gregor the Overlander

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Loss, Drama, Danger, Humor, Mystery, Suspense

Gregor's sister falls down the laundry chute. So, naturally, he does what any good older brother would; he ends up going in after her. At the bottom of the chute, the two find a hidden city; one filled with princes and princesses, giant bugs, priceless trinkets, and talking rats. He and his sister are welcomed into the city, for it is very rare that someone coming down the chutes will actually live to tell the tale. The last one was his dad, who happened to disappear years ago. Now they know he fell into the world of the 'underlanders'. As the two grow more and more anxious to find out what happened to their father in this world, they discover he is a prisoner to an evil rodent deep within the heart of this world. Will the two lowly 'overlanders' be able to fins their father and fulfill the ancient prophecy of that of this world?
I really liked this book by Suzanne Collins. It really opens up your eyes to the amazing, whimsical world around us and is destined to be a classic.

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