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Monday, November 24, 2014


* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Action, Humor, Drama, Intellect

The first time Julie saw Bryce, that was it. She was head over heals. The first time Bryce met Julie, he ran behind his mother's skirts and hoped he would never see her again. He was wrong. He was stuck in every class with her in every grade. It's now middle school, and Julie is still hung up over Bryce, who has been desperately trying to avoid her all these years. This year, though, things are different. All the things that Julie had done over the years, like hatching chickens for the science fair and protesting the chopping of a huge tree, are finally catching up with him, and he suddenly feels differently about her. On the other side of the road is Julie. After all her years of chasing after Bryce, she is starting to realize that Bryce has never done anything with her or for her. He hasn't ever joined her in a game of ball or even stopped to say hello when he saw her outside. Julie is beginning to really look at Bryce . . . and he doesn't seem nearly as much of the selfless, amazing person she thought he was when they were little. Is Bryce falling in love with Julie? And, if so, what will happen if she gives up on him before he does?
I really like this book by Wendelin Van Draanen. It is one that is destined to be a classic, and is for the people who want to curl up in bed, read some 'mush', and sit there until the feelings have long passed.

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