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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Thief Lord

* * * */ Four Stars (almost five . . . almost . . .)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy, Danger, Drama

Deep in the heart of Venice, two brothers have stolen away from their aunt and uncle who have tried to adopt them when their mother died. Alone and struggling to survive and keep hidden on their own, Prosper and his little brother Bo join a group of orphaned runaways led by a mysterious boy called the 'Thief Lord'. He helps them steal from the rich to get by. While they are in Italy, though, their aunt and uncle have sent a suspicious detective after the boys, which means that everyone else may be found out as well . . . The boys' adventures, winding up and down all of this majestic city, will include; a wild goose chase, a strange request, a magical merry-go-round, a shocking secret, and a chance at a new life. The only question left is; Who's up for an adventure?
I adored this book by Cornelia Funke! It is a modern take on the magic and enchantment of Venice. Anyone who dreams of far-off places will love this beautifully-crafted book.

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