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Friday, March 11, 2016

Unjournal 31

Prompt: A friend has a blind date. You know the date. The person is not the most attractive person in the world but is very nice. Describe the person to your friend in a way that makes the person sound appealing. Be truthful, but don't use the word "nice." Make sure that you are appropriate.

Dear Jake,
Natalie is very interesting and is very involved. She is very outdoorsy and loves the environment. She’s very kind and caring. Natalie is great with animals, and she volunteers at animal shelters often. She takes her dog, Boomer, on hikes. Since I know that you are very athletic, I figured that this is a real plus for you. Also, as a vet, I know that the fact that she has a dog is probably a seller.
Natalie is very good with children. She is very compassionate towards others. In addition to volunteering at the animal shelters and taking hikes on the weekends, she also makes food to donate to the local homeless shelter. Natalie works 5 days a week as a English teacher at the elementary school; she knows what she’s doing when it comes to kids. I’m sure that your 7 year old daughter, Abby, will love her.
I know that it’s been hard since your wife, Melissa, died and left you to raise your daughter alone. But Natalie is really great; she’s a kind, athletic person with a stable job that works with kids for a living. She’s literally the female version of you. What’s not to like? Just keep her in mind.

From, Audrey

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