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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Unjournal 28

Prompt: If you could create your own animal, how would you describe it? Create a unique animal, take a screenshot and then tell us: the animal's name and then create a ‘wildlife description’ of your animal (what it eats, where it lives, etc.) Try to mimic the voice of a typical wildlife description!

Response: For the first time ever before seen on screen, here is the exotic cheatus lupis, otherwise known as a Cheetog. It has the head of the ever intelligent breed, the Old English Mastiff, and the legs and tail of the swift hunter, the cheetah. Through some mistake of evolution, a subspecies of both the Mastiff and the majestic cheetah was formed. This creature has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to nearly any habitat; it can run free in the sahara, swim along the shores of icy Greenland, and strut through any city as a pet. Its thick fur, thin (yet strong) legs, keen eyesight, webbed paws, and incredible nose provide it with what it needs to be prepared for virtually anything. This animal eats anything edible - and even some thing that aren’t, like shoes - due to its high tolerance for most things that animals would be allergic to; for example, poisonous berries and onions don’t phase the creature. Its temperament is very mellow; it has shown no signs of aggravation, even after being openly provoked in several aggression tests that animal trainers investigating it have orchestrated. The name of this specific Cheetog is Ramesus. This has been Audrey Alspach, reporting live from the North American Plains. Now back to the weather. (Sorry that this screenshot isn't cropped.)

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