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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Unjournal 3

Prompt: If you had to be a villain, what kind of villain would you be?  Describe what your power would be?How would you use that power to enforce your villainy? Come up with a name for your villainous persona.

Name: Itchy Squirrel
Powers: Invisibility, Telepathy, Super Genius, the ability to summon bazookas (and other weapons) out of thin air
More Info: Itchy Squirrel is a murderous squirrel-person with advanced genetics thanks to a toxic explosion. Itchy is famous for kidnapping innocent children and police officers and tying them up with itchy barbed wire ropes. After this he puts the tied up people in terrible circumstances, like dangling over a shark pool or being balanced on the rim of an active volcano. He also blows up stuff and robs banks and such with his mighty bazooka. Sometimes he turns invisible, allowing him to sneak into museums and galleries to steal precious artifacts unnoticed. He places bombs in public areas while invisible as well. His teleportation powers make him almost impossible to catch. Itchy runs a crime ring with his distant cousin and acquaintance, Chubby Bunny. He is the ultimate super villain.

(I know that I didn't really create a persona for myself, but I did create a weird villain, so I still get some credit, right?)


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