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Thursday, January 21, 2016

'Into the Unknown' Lyrics

I really enjoyed the special TV series 'Over the Garden Wall' that was aired on Cartoon Network. In the show, everything has a deeper and more metaphorical meaning. It may look like a child's show, but it has an amazing storyline dotted with connections to real life. For example, the main protagonist of the story is 'The Beast', a creature made of shadows whose soul is trapped in a dark lantern. To me, he embodies the darkness and evil of mankind. Also, the problem that the brothers have of being stuck wandering in the woods called 'The Unknown' symbolizes the struggle that all of us face to find home again. I really enjoy the lyrics of the theme song for the series, 'Into the Unknown'. Here are the lyrics:

Led through the mist
by the milk-light of moon
all that was lost is revealed.

Our long bygone burdens,
mere echoes of the spring.
But where have we come
and where shall we end?
If dreams can't come true,
then why not pretend?

Oh, how the gentle wind
beckons through the leaves,
as autumn colors fall.

Dancing in a swirl
of golden memories;
the loveliest lies of all.
The loveliest lies of all.

Isn't that beautiful? I have yet to see anybody or anything else that writes or possesses music like this anymore. Here is a video from YouTube to show you all how the song sounds and how it was used for the cartoon's purposes:

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