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Hi! Welcome to the Creative Corner! This is going to be a site devoted to book-lovers like me who are always looking for a good read. I am going to do book reviews, recommendations, list off short stories and post some of my own. If you are looking for a good, reliable source for all things book, you've found it. So, again, welcome! Hope you visit my site again soon!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Other Websites?

I, a few months into the start of this blog, had shared the links to some websites that other people owned. I am reposting a link from that list and adding some more links of interesting websites that I like to visit. Be sure to visit them!

Optical Illusion Pictures
Go to: http://brainden.com/optical-illusions.htm
Do you like being fooled? Do you see through a lot of magic tricks and mind games that others don't? If so, then this website is the place for you! This categorized gallery of optical illusions has everything from faces in flowers to skulls in the trees. They have sidewalk 3D art and afterimages that trick the eye. Check it out!

Stories to Make You Think
Go to: http://www.rogerdarlington.me.uk/stories.html#Story58 
This is a collection of short stories sure to touch the heart. They come from lots of different people and centuries, and they include classics such as King Solomon and the Baby and The Last Ride as well as tales that everyone knows, like the one with the grandfather throwing starfish back into the ocean. (Note that you might have to scroll this page up to the top to see the table of contents, though . . .)

Peace, Love, and Chipotle
Go to: http://peacelovechipotle.blogspot.com/
This is a blog that was started around 1 1/2 years ago. It is about history, merchandise, and film fridays. And, of course, salsa. This blog is about Chipotle, America's favorite Mexican Grill (or so it says . . .). Anyways, if burritos, chips, and beans (and plenty of randomness) are up your alley, you'll love this blog.

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