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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Wishing Spell

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Fantasy, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery

In this book by Chris Colfer, you meet Alex and Conner, twins with secret family origins that they are oblivious to. When they transport into their grandmother's special fairy tale book, the two realize that their world wasn't all that it appeared to be. Alex and Conner have grown up in a world of logic and reasoning, but now they are immersed in a place filled with real-life princesses, witches, a giant talking frog, evil wolves, and kingdoms filled with all sorts of storybook characters. In order to get out of the book and back into the 'real world', the twins must gather the elements of the legendary wishing spell, a spell so powerful that its possessor can accomplish any impossible feat. However, the wishing spell has a catch; it can only be preformed one time. And the twins aren't the only ones after the spell. Other powerful people want the wishing spell, and they will stop at nothing to make it before the twins do. Will they be able to race through all of the enchanted kingdoms and make the spell first, or will Alex and Conner be doomed to stay in the Land of Stories forever?
I, personally, really enjoyed this invigorating book. I think it adds a great twist in classic fairy tales by producing a cutthroat Goldilocks, a pampered (and clueless) Queen Red Riding Hood, and a (not-so-evil) Evil Queen. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the magic and the madness of 'Fablehaven' and 'The Sisters Grimm'.

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