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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Fanfic

I have just finished re-reading 'Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard' by Rick Riordan for the 4th time. I am proud to say that it only took me a day (clapping from anonymous crowd inserted here). I am very sorely disappointed to learn that there is no fanfiction whatsoever for the series on the internet. Granted, it's just the first book and a fandom hasn't been established yet, but I still feel as if this needs addressing. I don't know why, but I'm already thinking of ship names. So, here it is. If this is terrible, I am sorry.

     Now that Samirah had been re-established as a Valkyrie, she had many more duties. She was constantly trying to deliver the souls of heroes into Valhalla while trying to keep up with regular life at school and at home. She still had homework, after all. Sam had also volunteered to help out Magnus, Hearthstone, and Blitzen with their possible missions from Odin. Between all of it, she was completely swamped. There had been no spare time for her to set up her temporary sleeping quarters in the hotel, and now that it was far too late for her to go home without waking anybody up, she had nowhere to go for the night.
     It really wasn't fair.
     Maybe I can go and sleep on the front porch, Sam thought. How bad can it be? I can go to bed on the giant outdoor chair. It'll be long enough for me, I think. Maybe I can . . .
     However, her thoughts were interrupted by Magnus, who saw her beginning to leave.
     "Where are you going this late at night?" he asked, somewhat surprised.
     "Home, probably," she replied. "I haven't quite decided where to spend the night, to be honest."
     "Well, now you have."
     "What do you mean, Magnus? I haven't made my mind up about anything of the sort in the 30 seconds that you've been talking to me."
     "No, but I have. You're staying with me for the night." Magnus smirked triumphantly.
     "But I-" she protested.
     "Nope, none of that, Sam. Come on, I never sleep in my bed, anyways. I always just bunk on the grass." He shrugged off her complaints. "Besides, you don't have a place to go, do you?"
     He definitely had a point.  It's not like she had made any plans.
     She sighed. "Okay, you win."
     "Of course I do. When do I not?" he teased. She promptly shoved him.

- later, in Magnus' room -

     "So, what movie should we watch?" Magnus asked Sam. She yawned in reply.
     "Why do we have to watch anything?" she pondered. "I'm tired. I want to sleep."
     "Because movies are awesome, and it's my room. That, and you haven't had any down time in days. You deserve a break that doesn't involve sleeping."
     "It's not your concern, though. I don't have to do any of the things that I do," Sam said incredulously. "I want to take on all of those Valkyrie assignments and I want to go to school and I want to help you guys. I want a mix of all of it. I'm not forcing myself to be overworked."
     "Okay, but still. When was the last time you watched a movie?" he asked.
     "Well . . . it was . . . no, not then, but it was . . ." she struggled.
     "My point exactly. You need a movie education. You need a movication!"
     "Yeah, sure. Whatever you put on is fine," she grumbled softly. "As long as it's good."
     "Oh, it will be," Magnus said confidently as he shoved 'Harry Potter' into the DVD player.

- 2 hours later -

     Sam had to admit that she was impressed by his selection. She had never watched or read 'Harry Potter' before, but she was definitely a fan now. The movie was almost over, though, and she would be ready to go to bed soon.
     "Magnus?" she yawned. "Thanks for letting me stay here. It was . . . fun." He didn't respond. "Magnus?"
     She looked to the side and found that he was slumped over, asleep and laying down at an uncomfortable angle. Sam couldn't help but laugh.
     Sam pulled him over onto the grass, so that he would wake up starring at the starry ceiling. She propped a pillow under his head and covered his body with blankets. She smirked at his sleeping form. Apparently he had been tired, too.
     "Goodnight, Magnus," she whispered. She kissed his forehead before getting up and slipping into his unused bed. She quickly fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

- in the morning -

     Magnus did, in fact wake up looking at his ceiling. He stared at it for a second, relaxed; until he began wondering how he got there. Did Sam drag him here? She did, didn't she. It was the only explanation. He didn't even remember half the movie, much less getting into the foyer.
     Wait. He didn't remember half the movie? He must have fallen asleep!
     Stupid, stupid, stupid. He thought to himself. I was supposed to be taking care of Sam, not the other way around! I'm an idiot. Is she upset? Did I ruin her night? Uhhhhhh . . .
     He contemplated her reaction until he noticed Sam walking out of his room, smiling.
     "Hey Magnus," she said. "Thanks for having me over last night. I really enjoyed it. I owe you one."
     "But, I fell asleep . . ." he replied, confused.
     "Yeah, but it was still . . . nice. I had a great time. We should do it again sometime," Sam smirked while elbowing him. "And next time we do this, we can watch the second one. You were right. I did need some 'me' time; a little mindless fun would probably do wonders for me."
     "Of course," Magnus said, somewhat flustered and surprised. "So, how about next month? Same day? You know, if you aren't busy with your stuff and we aren't on an epic death quest for Odin by then."
     "Wouldn't have it any other way."
     And, with that, Sam left Magnus' home and continued to her old room. It was about time to move in again.

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