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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Frog Princess

* * * */ Four Stars

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Humor, Action, Mystery

In this enchanting and whimsical book by E. D. Baker, Princess Esmeralda, future heir to a beautiful and successful kingdom, is less than the desired choice. 'Emma' is clumsy, snorts, and is disastrous at everything she does. That, and she will have to get married to an uptight royal, Prince Jorge, which she hates. That all changes when she meets a talking frog, who convinces her that, if she kisses him, he will turn into a prince. Trying to help out, Emma kisses the frog, only to have the magic reverse and turn into a frog, too! Now accompanied by the strange prince, she and him must find a way to turn human again before the royal families come apart at their seams due to their mysterious disappearance. Will Emma be able to find a dragon, escape from a swamp witch, outwit a curse, find her long-lost grandfather and become human again to re-seal her royal fate?
I personally loved the wit and charm of this inventive twist on the original fairy-tale, 'The Frog Prince'. Anyone who wants a book that will make them laugh and warm their hearts will enjoy this fantastical novel.

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