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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Castle Corona

* * * */ Four Stars 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Intellect

Deep inside the world of The Castle Corona, secrets lurk. This tale starts off with two children, the lowest of low servants to a pig of a master, who are a part of a mysterious and famous lineage that they know nothing about . . . But yet, even in their terrible status, they remain proud and hopeful. At the same time, the royal family, who live in the esteemed and beautiful Castle Corona, have completely different lives; more food than they can possibly eat, more clothes than they can possibly wear, and a taste for luxury. They are spoiled and rich, yet each one is different; the princess is a pretty girl, wanting to finally do something more inside but still content with her life, a queen that was a commoner first, a prickly king who loves his family and kingdom yet complains, one prince that craves battles, and one who would rather be content with himself but doesn't quite know how to be happy throughout his life. Maybe through a mysterious thief, maybe through the promotion of an old wise-woman from rags to castle grounds, or maybe through plain-old fate, the tales of the two groups collide, and nobody's life will ever be the same again . . .
I really liked this beautifully written book by Sharon Creech. It was both amusing and enchanting at the same time while still retaining a sense of irony and a dash of timelessness. I loved every moment of it! 

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