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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Adventure, Action, Humor, Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense (and a lot of British people)

In this amazing read by J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter is just an average boy. He has been raised by his awful aunt, uncle, and cousin his whole life, abandoned on their doorstep because his parents died in a 'car crash'. The Dursleys are terrible people, making him wash the dishes, prepare the meals, wash the clothes, and sleep in the small closet under the stairs. One day, a plague of owls begin to visit the house, dropping millions and millions of letters at the door, all addressed to Harry, the loser that nobody cared about and would never write to. As the days lag on and the letters keep coming, the family leave the house without letting Harry have a single copy to open and read. On a faraway house in the middle of a lake where the uncle and aunt think that nobody will ever be able to find them in, a bearded, tall man named Hagrid, the groundskeeper of a special school for witches and wizards, does. He invites Harry to go to the school, Hogwarts, the same place his parents did. As Harry begins to unravel more secrets about his past, he will fall deeper and deeper to the heart of the dark plans of 'The One Who Shall Not Be Named'. Will he be able to survive his first year in the wizarding world? 
I really loved this enchanting and whimsical novel. Rowling did an amazing job crafting this book and I recommend it to anybody who is looking for a new favorite.

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