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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man's Canyon

* * */ Three Stars (It was very good, but it didn't elaborate much, so it got downgraded a star . . .)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Futuristic, Mystery, Suspense

Welcome to the future; resources are scarce, technology has failed, and society from the past has collapsed. The race for old treasures and new lands is underway. Kit, Xander, and MK's father dissapeared on a distant mission and is deemed dead and robbed of his Explorer status. The kids, alone in their father's house, were struggling for money without any income in their broken world. Everything changed for the small family when Kit goes out shopping (getting some money for groceries by selling some scrap-metal) and a mysterious man with a clockwork arm stops him in an alley, giving him a parcel that supposedly came from their father before he died. Now they have half of a map to an unknown location, and they are a part of a race against the agency that 'manages' the affairs of explorers like their father. With a golden city, father's secrets, and their own lives on the line, the 'Expeditioners' (the nickname given to them by their late father) will soon find out if they have what it takes to tackle one of the most dangerous endeavors they may ever face.
This book by S. S. Taylor is one-of-a-kind. Anyone looking for an interesting book that proves that nothing is ever as it seems will love this one.

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