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Friday, January 16, 2015

Fanfic Time!

Today I am going to be writing some fanfiction about the ending of the Heroes of Olympus. The ending was good, but not entirely satisfying. So, again, here goes:

5 Years Later . . .

Percy and Annabeth had just finished up their tuition in New Rome and decided to go back to New York to be closer to Percy's mom and stepdad. After the first month of living together there, Percy decided to propose. It went something like this,"Annabeth, I don't like your last name." "Why? What's wrong with it?" "Nothing, I just think that you should change it." "To what?" "How about Jackson?" And, well, you can pretty much figure it out from there. Annabeth and Percy got married in late March. The ceremony was small; only the twos' parents and close friends, and, of course, the other 5 heroes (plus Calypso). Leo and Calypso had shown up after traveling the globe 1 1/2 years ago, already married. This came as some-what of a shock for the rest of the heroes when they finally saw them again after all this time. Percy and Annabeth soon had another wedding to attend in half a year; double wedding, actually. Frank and Jason had proposed to their girlfriends only 3 days apart, so the couples purged their wedding budgets and just had on big giant one. It was quite the party. The same people came, except for some other Romans, like Reyna, Dakota, and Gwen. So, with everyone married off, they all needed to find a place to actually settle down. Frank and Hazel went back to the site of his family's house in the woods, and he and her hoped to restore it to its former glory. Leo and Calypso had a baby girl just before they found a place. They settled in right down the block from where his mother's old machine shop was. They want to buy it back and reopen it together like they had talked about back when Leo first got stranded on her island. Percy and Annabeth were fine for the time being just living in the city until they found out Annabeth was pregnant - and with twins! They just managed to find a nice townhouse on the outskirts of New York when they were delivered; one was named Hope, while the other was named Cyana (which is a special shade of blue, minus the 'a'). Jason moved back to New Rome, and he and Piper were welcomed back like the heroes that they were. Reyna now had a boyfriend; a regular mortal who had the ability to see through the mist. He stumbled upon one of her missions by accident, and since he discovered the truth about mythology, they had joined at the hip. His name was Zack. When Percy's kids reached 9, they were sent to both Camp Half Blood and got the chance to go to New Rome, but both chose the Greek side of the spectrum. Hazel had a 5 year old son by that point. He loved to play with his adoptive cousin, Luke, the 'son' of Nico and Will Solace. Piper was proud to say that she had 3 children now; a set of twins as well, one boy, one girl, and a little 2 year old son. Both twins were 8 and began exploring their fine home. Leo - still running his shop with his wife - sent his child to Camp Half Blood, where she got put in his same cabin. She too had her father's way with tools. Her name was Felicia, and she wasn't as delicate as she seemed, much like her mother. All of the children of the heroes became good friends with one another - and their protectors/satyr friends were the children of Grover Underwood and Juniper. Chiron and Reyna were thrilled that they were getting to train such amazing new demigods - ones sure to do amazing things, just like their parents. The End!

Well, I hope that that piece made some people happy. GO PERCY JACKSON (and friends!)!!!

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