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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Countdown to Christmas 2016: Day 6

Here are a couple random holiday riddles; all of them I take credit for, since I wrote them. Have a great day; the answers of my riddles will be posted on day 7. See you guys then!

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1. I'm pointed and jagged yet soft and breakable. Sometimes I disappear within instants, but in other places I stay all year round. What am I?

2. I'm between yesterday and tomorrow, but can be found anywhere, depending on what people see. What am I?

3. You see at least one of me every 24 hours, but in some places I am easier to perceive. Day and night, I always see you, seeming close, but in actuality my kind are always far away. You place a version of me in your home every Christmas as a final topping. What am I?

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