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Monday, December 19, 2016

Countdown to Christmas 2016: Day 19

Today for the countdown, I am listing off classic holiday films. Looking for good Christmas movies? Search no further than this list.

1. The Santa Clause
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When a divorced father looks after his young son for Christmas, he certainly didn't expect Santa to fall of their roof, let alone become the next Santa. Scott Calvin is in for one heck of a ride as he learns about being Santa and must endure all that comes with the job; including trying to be a good dad.

2. Elf
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Buddy was a baby who snuck into Santa's bag and ended up raised at the North Pole by elves. After finding out that he's human, Buddy travels to New York to find his father and meet the family he never had; but his dad might not be what this unofficial elf was expecting.

3. The Polar Express
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One Christmas Eve, a boy who doesn't believe in Santa anymore gets to board The Polar Express, a magical train that transports children to the North Pole. While skiing down train cars, sitting in runaway cabooses, falling into a present chute, and even just handing someone a ticket, this boy learns the true meaning of Christmas and what believing really is.

4. It's A Wonderful Life
Image result for It's a Wonderful Life

Not really in the Christmas spirit, George Bailey feels like he's wasted his life. But when an angel visits him and reviews what made his life worth living and the consequences of not existing, George discovers that he might have meant more than anyone could have guessed.

5. Arthur Christmas
Image result for arthur christmas

Arthur, the son of the current Santa Claus, is constantly upbeat and in the Christmas mood; even if everybody else just wants him out of the way. However, when he discovers a child named Gwen had been missed, he embarks on a worldwide trek with a wrapping elf and his grandfather in order to save Christmas for her, despite the apprehension from his family.

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