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Monday, May 16, 2016


* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Humor, Mystery, Danger, Suspense, Fantasy

All of the Woodcutter sisters have magic powers, strange destinies, and were named for the different days of the week. Monday was extraordinarily beautiful and ended up marrying a king whose cabin she stumbled in on, Tuesday was a fabulous dancer and (literally) danced herself to death in cursed shoes, Wednesday seems to radiate sadness and shadow, Thursday had a knack for the sword and ran away with a Pirate King, and so on. Sunday is the youngest among the seven and her other siblings. Overlooked due to a famous brother and her adventurous sisters, she is used to being nothing special. That is, until she meets an enchanted frog in the woods and befriends him. Soon she has her first real friend, one who doesn't mind that what she writes down in her notebook and talks about has a strange way of coming true. But he, after being cursed, is really a prince waiting to return home. When Sunday accidentally breaks the curse and allows him to return to castle life, she doesn't realize that she has set a series of events in motion that will change the face of her kingdom forever. What's to come will involve 3 (annoying) balls, an evil fairy, a devious shadow-stealing king, people turning into swans, and a whole heap of magic. There's only one question left; who's up for an adventure?
I loved this inventive novel by Alethea Kontis. These aren't your run-of-the-mill fairy tale characters; these girls are incredibly strong and interesting leads who have such varied personalities but all share an overarching good spirit. I guarantee that everyone who reads this series not only fall in love with the story but will also get swept up in the antics of the Woodcutters just like me. It's truly the type of fantasy book that only comes around every so often, so make sure to get a copy soon!

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