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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Map to Everywhere

* * * * */ Five Stars

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Suspense, Mystery, Danger, Fiction

Marrill was walking her cat when a stream sprouted out in the middle of Arizona and brought a pirate ship to Earth. She climbs aboard and meets a wizard and his crew of sailors who are trying to put together the legendary Map to Everywhere, a magical map that can take the user anywhere and bring out anything. The ship is sailing the Pirate Stream, an endless river made of magical water that connects to every world in existence, in hopes of finding the rest of the map before other not-so-pure-intentioned people complete it. As the Stream floats the ship away from Earth before Marrill can get off, she finds herself joining the quest to recover the map. Meanwhile, in another place called Khaznot Quay, lives orphaned Fin. He has a terrible affliction; he is forgettable. Not 'didn't see you there' forgettable, but 'I forgot you existed' forgettable. Whenever Fin leaves someone's range of sight, they forget he ever existed. However, when the wizard's ship makes port in Khaznot and Fin saves Marrill's life, she remembers him even after he is out of her direct eyesight. This leads him to tag along on their adventure as well. But these aren't the only turns in events. A man called the Oracle is hoping to use the map to destroy the entire fabric of the universe and the Stream, and if he gets it, every world will be at his mercy. Which party will rebuild the map first? Who is the Oracle? Why is Fin so forgettable? And, most importantly, will Marrill ever get home?
I absolutely loved this book by Carrie Ryan and John P. Davis. Humorous, clever, and brimming with danger, 'The Map to Everywhere' is a novel that belongs in every household.

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